Welcome to my professional website. This space enables me to share a variety of services based on a body of knowledge that has impacted me in ways I’ve always felt could be possible, but not in ways I could ever think were so elegant and within reach. Studying and applying the information offered through The Human Design System has had a major impact on my life, and I am proud to share this knowledge with others. I am able to say that, to date, it has helped me become more perceptive to my own nature in very precise ways, and thus given me clarity about my Individual Difference. Being a Human Design Professional has brought me some of the most awe-inspiring moments in guiding others, and I feel blessed to be able to offer such supportive and empowering services.

As an IHDS Certified Analyst and Living Design Guide,  I offer Individual Chart Analysis, Partnership Analysis, Life Cycle Analysis, Life Purpose (“Incarnation Cross”) Analysis, and teach the Living Design Course. In  addition to this I have trained in BG5 Business Consulting, and am  near the completion of the International Human Design School’s Differentiation Degree, a program initiated by the system’s founder, Ra Uru Hu, which focuses on Human Design’s Primary Health System and Rave Psychology. Studying the synthesis of these two areas of the knowledge will add Holistic Analysis to my professional offerings.

Prior to my studies and work in Human Design, I received 2 Bachelors degrees from San Francisco State University; one in Music Production and Engineering, and the other in Psychology. Both were fueled from being an artist at heart, having a penchant for science, and a deep curiosity for the many facets of human behavior.  In addition, I am a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy, both of which are valued resources in deeper change work and coaching. It is therefore my mission to offer the most transformational and comprehensive set of services to anyone so insights can be gained into their own Individual Differences.

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